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Plan, execute and optimize your email programs with one of the industry's most trusted email sending and deliverability platform. Our platform is powered by one of the industry’s largest data network.
A team of email experts will elevate every aspect of your email program, and provide a security and compliance standpoint to support even the most regulated industries. We help you improve the performance of your email programs by taking fast actions and making data-driven decisions.


Dedicated account manager

Choose from services that are tailored to your needs and budget. Work with our experts to be set up for success or solve underlying issues.


Creative design & content

From user-centred copywriting and design to responsive email templates, you will save time and get your campaigns off the ground with a professional look.


Dedicated traffic manager

Our experts know what it means to send wanted mail. They run inbox rendering previews, spam testing, and link validation to make sure that every email is ready before hit “Send”.


Analytics & deliverability

There are many reasons why your messages aren’t reaching recipients and you can’t afford to miss out. Our email experts will maximize your engagement and help you make it into the inbox.


BiSens & CRM integration

We allow you to manage all your customer interactions efficiently and effectively with an all-in-one tool, BiSens, thus increasing the overall customer satisfaction for your business.

With all your daily responsibilities, all the email campaigns creation and transmission is rather exhausting. We can’t create more hours for you, but we can help elevate your email transmission.

From marketing strategy, creation, traffic and transmission, it’s never been easier to get your emails into the inbox. We created these features to make sure your email marketing campaigns will be successful.

Strategy improvements


Having all of your emails carefully planned is a much better approach than sending them chaotically. With our dedicated account manager, we make sure that all the details are put together from the beginning to make sure that we are speaking in your brand’s language.

Concept creation and graphics


Our designers control all the esthetics of their emails, copywriters can create the perfect content, and developers can independently configure any email’s dynamic parts. Creating high-quality content is critical for our marketing team.



Quality data for direct marketing is the heart of B2C lead generation. As a digital agency, we work with multiple suppliers to source the best possible selections for our campaign and we ensure you that only the most reputable partners are selected.

CRM integration


A good CRM system will help you manage all your customer interactions efficiently and effectively, thus increasing the overall customer satisfaction for your business. By integrating a CRM system you could track your campaign and see all the statistics you need.

Ads and landing pages


A good looking landing page is a marketing gold mine. Dedicated, promotion-specific landing pages can convert a lead into a sale in a matter of moments. Successful landing pages and Ads are all about design, functionality and mainly, they are designed for a specific marketing campaign.

Insights and reporting


Our service provides insights about opens and clicks and other metrics so you can monitor the results and improve your email campaigns. By understanding the recipient’s behaviour like engagement, unsubscribe, and spam complaint rates you can see how successful your mail is.

Whether you want to send a targeted campaign, or you want to welcome new customers after they register on your website, getting that great emails delivered to your customer’s inbox are a little harder than simply hitting send. That’s where BiSens comes in as your trusted traffic partner.




Open rate


Spam complaints



From strategy to deliverability and analytics, raise the bar across all emails you send with BiSens.

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